"Every teacher has a story." 

Teacher Toons

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Getting tired of boring presenters? It's time to power up the stage with a Teacher Toons presentation. Ramon Ramirez presents the best of educational humor via a fun and vibrant presentation that is sure to inspire you and motivate your awesome career. Book Teacher Toons as your next motivational speaker. 


Ramon Ramirez has 25 years experience as an educator and he is currently a high school teacher and editorial cartoonist. Prepare to see a presentation through the eyes of a teacher, Department Head and cartoonist. Let us power up your school year with a fun Teacher Toons presentation. Campus and District events can be booked. 


Give us a call today. Email us and let us know if you'd like to meet our puppet Ms. Carrie Oki. For more laughs you can purchase our "Teacher Toons" book in our shop section by clicking the green button below. Wishing you a fantastic day. Thanks for visiting Teacher Toons. 


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